What we do


Brand Position Strategy

What was the issue?

Our client a major imaging products manufacturer had purchased two major companies in the last 12 years. The products fitted well within our clients portfolio and had supported considerably the increased turnover. However, a decision was made to keep the original brand and disengage from the mother company in terms of marketing messaging and branding. Both had very strong brand value. However, new management wanted to end the history of multiple brands and companies under the umbrella company and create an unique brand for all their imaging products.

How did we do it?

We conducted face to face interviews with clinicians and administrators in 12 different countries and presented different brand values to be evaluated.

What was the result?

The research showed that the original brands had a very strong back up within the medical community and that the umbrella organisation portrayed a relatively negative image and connotations. The research also showed that there was no universal brand message.

The company decided to start a slow process of brand change to the umbrella name while keeping the product names but not the company names. The company also decided to created 3 different brand positioning's: one for the US, one for EU and one for Asia.

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