What we do


Bric and other New Market Opportunities

What was the issue?

Our client on of the leading hernia mesh manufacturers wanted to enter the public market in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey and Russia. It was already operative in the private market in those countries but had failed to succeed in the public sector as our client did not wish to cut prices.

The company needed to understand clearly opportunities, barriers and the strategy to follow for successful entry.

How did we do it?

A mixture of quantitative and qualitative interviews were conducted in all countries. The quantitative segment allowed us to understand current pricing, usage and possible positioning for our client products. The qualitative segment was used to introduce the product concept and discuss acceptance with premium pricing levels.

What was the result?

The public market was flooded with local mesh products which were between 70-90% cheaper than those of our client. These are highly protectionist markets in this environment and only products that could show clinical superiority are accepted at premium price.

Our client decided to concentrate on building a stronger presence in the private market.

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