What we do


Market Entry

What was the issue?

A company specialised in male urological products wanted to enter to lucrative female incontinence market. The company had acquired a company specialised on stress incontinence products. However, within management there were serious doubts about the capacity of legacy sales force to assimilate the new company culture and grow as expected but at the same time did not have the necessary experience to enter this market.

How did we do it?

We undertook a study looking at competitors sales strategies to try to look for unmet needs that could be used as market entry tools to differentiate our client’s proposal from that of other market participants.

What was the result?

One of the key issues was patient education. Most companies spent time with nurses and doctors but patients were left without too much support. Our client decided to invest heavily of direct to consumer advertising and educations program and symposiums about incontinence. Key opinion leaders were invited as speakers of these symposiums. A web site was also created only for patients with interactive dialogue with the company and physicians. At the same time new sales force was employed and trained.

Months later, the company selected few hospitals as key targets for selected market entry to introduce their products followed by a full blown market entry.

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