What we do


New Product Development and Concept Testing

What was the issue?

Our client, a surgical devices multinational, wanted to increase their market penetration within Tier II hospitals in China. Competing with local suppliers offering lower quality products was not an option for this high quality focused company. Instead, the company decided to test the idea of a semi-disposable product line for surgical instruments.

The concept was based on the idea of manufacturing permanent hand instruments with disposable parts in products such as staplers, cutters, clippers, suturing devices etc.

How did we do it?

The methodology chosen for this research was a qualitative animal lab study where prototypes were tested in 5 Chinese cities by surgeons working on Tier II hospitals.

What was the result?

The concept was very well received and the feedback from the research allowed the company to fine tune the design of certain prototypes and to narrow the product line to 3 products.

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