What we do


Product Marketing Messaging

What was the issue?

Our client had been trying to gain market share in the wound care market for negative pressure for many years. While the company had been quite successful. The fact that the leading supplier had initially position the therapy as last resort therapy had created a psychological barrier for clinicians which found difficult to use the product other than in last resort cases. Also, the company was considered old fashioned wound care company involved mostly in the lower end of the market

How did we do it?

After conducting focus groups and brain storming sessions with wound care nurses and clinicians to understand their feelings about different products in the market, we collected the information and put forward our recommendations for the second phase of this project. Following this, we engaged a branding specialised company with the idea of giving the product a new personality. We took to the field 4 different marketing messages that could help the clinicians identify better with the product.

What was the result?

The winning marketing message aimed to portray a modern, fast and cool image moving away from the old fashioned image within wound care. The company created a separate company under the product’s name and invested heavily on sleek design of brochures and marketing material as well as online training and education of clinicians. Sales increased dramatically.

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