What we do


Reimbursement and Interim Funding

What was the issue?

Having obtained reimbursement in the US, our client, a company specialised in oncological radiotherapy thought that reimbursement in Europe would be easily achievable for a new oncological procedure. However, the company did not know how to go about gaining reimbursement status in each country and engaged HBS to help them through the bureaucratic maze.

How did we do it?

Collected all the data needed to obtain reimbursement in each country, and even regions (Italy). A dossier was put forward for each country. As the timeline for full reimbursement was close to 24 months in most countries. HBS suggested to apply for interim reimbursement in Germany.

What was the result?

The high cost of the product prevented for reimbursement to be allocated into the existing DRG’s and new code needed to be created. Further cost-effectiveness analysis were required as well as more clinical evidence. However, the company obtained N1 Interim Reimbursement status in Germany.

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