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Bric and other New Market Opportunities

While healthcare spending in developed markets is flattening out, developing markets are dramatically increasing their healthcare systems. However, the clinical solutions required in these markets often differ widely from the industrialized world.

The key to success in these territories is to customize the product palette in way that it meets the customer’s requirements and price elasticity, without losing the brand advantage many established healthcare companies hold. This requirement is made more complex as both these factors vary widely from country to country.

In addition, the size of the opportunity in relation to the investment required to enter these markets differs greatly due to factors such as compliance, the registration and reimbursement process as well as the level of sophistication of the market. A further dynamic as added by many of these countries running a hugely disparate private and public healthcare system.

HBS partners numerous clients in navigating these complexities and realizing new market opportunities through expert and actionable advice.

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