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Due diligence has traditionally focused on the legal and financial aspect of the process. However, the need to understand how the business of the target company will develop over the medium and long term has become increasingly key to investment decisions.

HBS uses it its extensive market expertise to analyses the target company’s opportunities to grow in the future. We analyze factors such as market position, pipeline, available market and competitive threats, both in terms of competitors in general and technology in particular. We are thus able to give a well-reasoned view if and how an investment might perform. Also, we ca assist in quantifying how the targets product portfolio would interact with that of the investor company.

The advantage of using HBS to support your due diligence effort is that we are solely specialized in in the healthcare market which often proves too complex for more generalized consultancies. Our knowledge of the market allows us to provide accurate, reasoned advice in very short time frames, which is often a hallmark of this process.

Conversely, if you are seeking an investor we can advise on which company or investment house may be suitable for you.

If you are a company looking for a strategic investment or investor or an investment house, we can help you to maximize the opportunity and quantify any risks.

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