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Product Development Support Solutions

New Product Development and Concept Testing

Companies constantly seek to improve existing products or fill gaps in the market with new innovations. However, this substantial ongoing investment requires the right ratio of ROI. The challenge lies in assisting R&D to be customer solution led rather than problem led by marrying future clinical advances as developed by R&D and KOL’s with a pragmatic and utilitarian focus as requested by current customer and payers realities.

HBS can assist this process from the embryonic ideas as development at R&D level to brainstorming sessions to shape the ideas into future product concepts. We can then take these concepts and test their viability in the market for further development. Furthermore we have extensive experience in designing product testing labs that can enable you to live test new prototypes with surgeons, nurses and other clinicians to determine how to fine tune a new concept to respond to the needs of your customers.

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