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Branding and Positioning Strategy Testing

HBS is not involved in company branding but rather guides its clients with respect to product brands and sub-brands. We help to ensure that the intrinsic quality of the product is communicated by the right brand message.

In many healthcare market sectors customers feel confused by the complexity of the purchasing decision making process. This is due to large array of similar product choices often available. Often price is not an obvious discerning factor, especially in segments where technology or quality differentiation is difficult. Here the right branding and positioning message is key to making your product the natural choice.

In segments where price, quality or technology varies widely, this too needs to be reflected in the branding to achieve the correct positioning.

HBS works with leading brand designers to translate our findings into tangible concepts. We help our clients to extract the maximum benefit from a brand to give the product personality as well as to position it ideally within the market space. This enables the customer to make a confident purchasing decision.

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