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Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Management

Measuring customer satisfaction is a vital and integral part of any marketing program.

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Customer Segmentation

Traditional market segmentation based on factors such as purchasing power, hospital type or patient population does not suffice to compete effectively in current market conditions. Thus the established theory of sales and marketing segment management is coming under question.

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Market Assessment and Analysis

HBS conducts classic market assessment and analysis studies using traditional market measurement tools such as market size, market growth, market shares, trends and drivers and restraints.

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Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competitors’ position and most importantly future strategy are key tools for taking strategic decisions within your company. Whether planning product development or sales strategy, being able to judge the threat from old or new competitors can determine your company’s success or failure.

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Purchasing Behaviour Pathways

Our purchasing behaviour pathway projects covers two main areas: Firstly, delineating the constantly changing purchaser matrix from a clinician based system to a committee based system. Secondly, understanding how these matrixes are best served in different geographies and product segments.

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Distributor Search

Should your market plan include serving a territory through a distributor channel, you will want to ensure that you find the best strategic fit for your company. Your partner will need to understand your market segment, have access to the right customer base, may need to be conversant in the product registration and compliance processes and possibly advise on packaging.

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Reimbursement and Interim Funding

Reimbursement and Interim Funding mechanisms vary widely in virtually every country in the world. In many cases, a company is best advised to engage a local specialist to guide it through the process.

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