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Purchasing Behaviour Pathways

Our purchasing behaviour pathway projects covers two main areas: Firstly, delineating the constantly changing purchaser matrix from a clinician based system to a committee based system. Secondly, understanding how these matrixes are best served in different geographies and product segments.

The increasing complexity of the procurement process in all markets is pushing companies to develop new sales techniques that can respond to customer needs. However, the first is step to understand who these customers are and the level of influence of each link within the chain. For instance, purchasing managers now play an unprecedented role in the process.

Equally important is to ensure that purchasers in each geography and product segment are served with the right sales channel. In order to maximise the market opportunity, the investment ratio between direct sales, distributors and the tendering team needs to be in line with market requirements.

HBS can assist you to map both these factors to your strategic advantage.

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