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Homecare and Support

HBS assists its clients in two major areas in this business sector.

The traditional home care market is continually developing from a mainly geriatric or chronic disease management sector to a secondary care option.

MRSA as well as hospital bed rationalization due to cost and inefficiencies has put the home as option for treatment firmly on the agenda.

This means that solutions offering integrated services ranging from remote patient monitoring to regular nursing care are becoming increasingly important. This represents new revenue opportunities for companies that are able to gage the needs and dynamics of this market.

Our second area of expertise concerns those markets where homecare and support is a prerequisite of the ability of providing healthcare due to geography and demographics.

Examples are the BRIC countries where there is huge investment in healthcare but innovative solutions need to be found to deliver it to a population that is spread often thinly over a huge geographic area. Here telemedicine and e-healthcare in many different applications play a key role.

HBS has worked extensively in both these business areas and has guided its clients to market focused solutions. This is especially important as industry has in the past often outpaced market need with solely best in class technology driven products. This in turn has led to companies not realizing the expected ROI.

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