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Imaging, Monitoring and Information Systems

Capital equipment manufacturers are seeing an increasingly diverse global market.

In developed countries hardware innovation is becoming increasingly marginal in what is already mainly a replacement market. Success is now mainly driven by add on decision and diagnostic support software, speeding up diagnosis and thus patient work flow.

Integrating diagnostics, monitoring and treatment information flows remains one of the major opportunities for both Healthcare IT and capital equipment manufacturers. Information integration as a cost saving measure still produces sizable budgets from healthcare providers for companies that can offer innovative solutions.

On the other hand, the rapidly expanding healthcare spend in developing markets usually requires mid-range, sensible imaging and patient monitoring solutions at competitive prices.

Both these markets are being ever more targeted by new entrants with lower manufacturing cost bases and increasingly competitive products.

HBS assists its clients to address these opportunities by ensuring that the strategy for product, positioning and pricing address the respective market dynamics, fully capitalizing on changing market need and thus maintaining differentiation and market share.

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