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Surgical Instrumentation and Implants

The HBS surgical instrumentation and implants practice encompasses all aspects of the operating room, including surgical instruments, wound closure devices, rigid endoscopy and operating room equipment.

In the last twenty years surgery has transformed the way we used to think about a hospital stay.

The high cost of OR time as well as hospital in-patient stays and the sub-specializations within surgery have been the main drivers behind the innovations undertaken by industry.

Whether in relation to advanced laparoscopy in the form of SIS (Single Incision Surgery) and NOTES (Natural Orifice Trans-Endoluminal Surgery) to offer surgery with minimum scarring, the latest generation of surgical glues which allow surgeons to cut wound closing time by up to forty minutes or minimally invasive techniques for foot and ankle surgery.

HBS has conducted a myriad of projects with some of the leading surgical instrumentation manufacturers supporting conceptual product design and development, as well as all marketing and pricing support needed to launch and develop not only new products but often new surgical techniques.

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